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Ibex 35 News:

The banks seduce the small investor
Post on 06-08-2007.
IBEX 35: 14.534,30 (-0,98) Values: ABERTIS "one" 21,22 (-1,53 %) | IT DRIVES 185,10 (-2,55 %) | ACERINOX 19,07 (-0,16 %) | ACS 43,40 (-1,12 %) | AGBAR 26,40 (-0,38 %) | ALTADIS 48,35 (-0,23 %) | ANTENNA 3 TV 13,92 (+0,43 %) | POPULAR BANK 13,19 (-0,23 %) | BANK SABADELL 7,80 (-0,64 %) | BANESTO 15,04 (-0,53 %) | BANKINTER 12,29 (-2,07 %) | BBVA 17,69 (-1,23 %) | BME 41,38 (-0,22 %) | CINTRA 10,93 (+0,00 %) | COLONIAL 3,61 (-0,55 %) | ENAGS 17,20 (+1,00 %) | ENDESA 39,54 (+0,08 %) | FCC 64,40 (-2,79 %) | RAILROAD 62,65 (-1,65 %) | GAMESA 28,76 (-1,88 %) | NATURAL GAS 41,85 (-0,88 %) | IBERDROLA 40,04 (-1,23 %) | IBERIA 3,28 (-5,48 %) | INDITEX 43,32 (-0,14 %) | INDRA 18,93 (-0,63 %) | MAPFRE 3,37 (-2,32 %) | NH HOTELS 15,39 (-1,60 %) | NETWORK ELCTRICA 32,98 (-0,06 %) | REPSOL YPF 27,06 (-1,85 %) | SACYR VALLEHERMOSO 32,99 (-1,23 %) | SANTANDER 13,51 (-1,17 %) | SOGECABLE 27,67 (-1,71 %) | TELECINCO 19,94 (+0,20 %) | TELEF“NICA 17,43 (-0,46 %) | UNI“N FENOSA 39,93 (-0,80 %) DOW JONES: 13.181,91 (-2,09) Values: 3M 87,56 (-1,70 %) | ALCOA 36,18 (-4,66 %) | AMER.INTL G. 61,64 (-4,54 %) | AMERICAN EXPRESS 57,49 (-3,59 %) | AT&T 39,45 (-2,83 %) | BOEING 104,24 (-0,28 %) | CATERPILLAR 78,96 (-1,46 %) | CITIGROUP 45,72 (-2,41 %) | COCA-COLA 53,28 (+0,02 %) | DU PONT 46,35 (-2,07 %) | EXXON MOBIL 82,08 (-4,38 %) | GENERAL ELECTRIC 38,06 (-2,28 %) | GENERAL MOTORS 32,04 (-4,04 %) | HEWLETT-PACKARD 47,41 (+1,46 %) | HOME DEPOT 36,19 (-4,18 %) | HONEYWELL 58,18 (+1,80 %) | IBM 111,89 (-0,13 %) | JOHNSON and JOHNSON 60,55 (-0,67 %) | JP MORGAN chase 43,65 (-1,64 %) | MCDONALDS 48,52 (+0,52 %) | MERCK 50,29 (-1,43 %) | MICROSOFT 28,96 (-1,16 %) | PFIZER 23,51 (-0,51 %) | PHILIP MORRIS 66,60 (+0,03 %) | PROCTER and GAMBLE 62,88 (-0,44 %) | UNITED TECHNOLOGIES 73,93 (-0,96 %) | VERIZON 42,75 (-1,13 %) | WAL-MART 45,52 (-1,51 %) | WALT DISNEY 33,90 (+0,21 %) RSS |...
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Ibex advances 2 % and closes in 14.800 points
Post on 01-08-2007.
After several days one the fall and with a market worried by the mortgage crisis that affects one several risk capital funds, the investors have woken up with optimism after the good closing of yesterday of Wall Street. The Ibex35 closes with an advance of 2,03 % up to 14.802,40 points. On the Foreign exchange market, the Euro changes one 1,3706 units to itself opposite to the Dollar, in a day in which there has been known the fact of inflation of the Euro area in July, month in which the prices fell down 0,1 % what sitúone the interannual valuation in 1,8 %. Inside the Market of Prime Matters, the barrel Brent quotes over 75 dollars, while West Texas continues over Brent, changing into 76 dollars. In the Ibex35, BBVA notes down a rise of 2,4 % up to 18,13 euros with a whole of 35.121.665 qualifications negotiated on the market. The entity has been seen favored by the buy of the bank by custodian State Street Bank, who has raised his participation up to 5,027 % after acquiring 7,4 million actions. Between the agencies, BSN BI remains bought in 2.045.837 qualifications, continued by ACF MA with a whole of 1.481.494 qualifications, while on the selling part, SGV MA gets rid of 1.009.746 qualifications and BCY MA remains sold in a whole of 1.223.970 qualifications. Colonial real estate agency is the protagonist of the Selective one, after Reyal Urbis has agreed on the sale of 6,4 % that it possesses in the real estate agency for a whole for 352 million euros, while José Ramón Carabante raises his participation in Colonial from 5,005 % to 11,47 %. On the market, the actions suffer a big volatile nature during the meeting and move in a status for 3,74-4,16 euros, to finish in 4,00 euros with a descent of 2,4 % and a whole of 7.201.725 qualifications negotiated on the market. Between the agencies, GCO BA remains bought in 3.165.860 qualifications, continued by MVR MA with a whole of 155.429 qualifications, while on the selling part, IMV MA gets rid of 686.000 qualifications without doing buys and BBVA BI remains sold in 1.340.873 qualifications. Worse luck they have covered the rights, which move in a status for 0,10-0,18 euros, to finish in 0,12 euros with a fall of 29,4 % and a negotiated whole of 52.988.705 rights. one today closing the entry víone rights supposes a premium near to 5 %. Between the agencies, MBC MA buys 4.998.540 rights, followed by IMV MA with 3.584.000 rights, while on the negative part, BCY MA gets rid of 2.222.405 rights and CMD MA remains sold in 10.018.204 rights. Phone companhy closes in maxima, after there is noted down an advance of 2,1 % up to 17,29 euros with a whole of 46.297.962 qualifications negotiated by the investors. This closing, it begins one to confirm that the operator is having a better behavior than the index in the last weeks, what has allowed the operator to quote in 17 euros with an Ibex below 15.000 points. If the continuous operator in this line, can favor to the index, which podríone to one recover soon 15.000 points again. Between the agencies, BSN BI stands out with the acquisition of 3.835.357 qualifications, continued by INT VL with a whole of 1.383.922 qualifications, while on the selling part, BYM MA gets rid of 1.285.491 qualifications and MLC MA remains sold in 1.568.948 qualifications. On the Continuous Market, Almirall notes down a rise of 4,4 % up to 15,04 euros with a whole of 1.019.313 qualifications negotiated by the investors. Almirall has turned out to be favored in the beginning of coverage realized by Morgan Stanley, who establishes an objective price for the actions for 16,50 euros and recommends Sobreponderar. Curiously, Morgan Stanley acted like coordinating entity of the OPV of Almirall and I exercise the call option (Green-shoe) on 2,7 % of the laboratories at the cost of 14 euros for title, what in his moment was not contributing a significant discount opposite to the value to which they were quoting the qualifications on the market. Between the agencies, CVX MA remains bought in 113.543 qualifications, continued by ABS MA with a whole of 64.435 qualifications, while on the selling part, BYM MA gets rid of 112.368 qualifications and JBF MA gets rid of 173.754 qualifications. The real estate Valencian Astroc closes with a fall of 2,9 % up to 12,65 euros, after moving in a status for 12,21-13,70 euros, being one of the favorite values of the investors, given to the big game that gives on the market. The volume continues in descent and today 2.107.105 qualifications have been negotiated, with what one priori it can be thought that it is losing interest. Astroc continues and it will keep on being one of the values more controversial of Continuously, owed to a great extent one the manipulation that exists on the same one and one the operations in blocks that can turn one prices that have not anything in common with that of market, all this does, that the value turns into center of the pure and hard speculation, therefore the most conservative investors should think it two times before entering the game. Between the agencies, INT VL acquires 42.445 qualifications, continued by IBS BA with a whole of 30.406 qualifications, while on the selling part, HERE BA gets rid of 26.491 qualifications and RT4 MA remains sold in 33.764 qualifications. Montebalito raises 0,6 % up to 13,18 euros with a whole of 98.848 qualifications negotiated on the market. The Canary real estate agency has presented his results of the first semester of the oneño, period in which it has gained 4,5 million euros, 77,6 % more than in the same period of the previous oneño, although it has reduced his forecasts for the set of the whole oneño, from 25 millions that I confirm in April in full real estate crisis up to 18,3 millions. The real estate agency has indicated that one to set off of these moments goes one to begin an active autoportfolio politics. Between the agencies, BRC MA acquires 11.156 qualifications, followed by EDL MA with a whole of 8.442 qualifications without doing sales, while on the negative part, ACF MA gets rid of 4.598 qualifications and BYM MA does the proper thing with 11.199 qualifications, in both cases without doing buys. Riofisa sinks 30,7 % up to 30,68 euros, with only 779 qualifications negotiated on the market. Yesterday it was the last díone to accept the OPA presented by Colonial Real estate agency, which ofrecíone 44,31 euros for every action of Riofisa. Although the negotiated volume has been pyrrhic, it will be necessary to see the evolution that continues the action on the market, in order to be able to find an explanation one it is strong fallen, although one priori, the first translation that it is possible to realize is that the raised price offered in Colonial age, more if it fits if it is born in mind that Riofisa has not turned out to be affected by the real estate crisis. Solaria lives through his most golden period and there manages to be noted down a revaluation of 9,3 % up to 16,40 euros with a high volume of hiring, which is most raised of last weeks. In particular, the investors have changed of hands a whole of 2.456.937 qualifications. Ibersecurities has initiated coverage with recommendation of Buying and objective price for 22,05 euros, the broker had up to the restricted date the recommendations publication for having informed in the exit one bag of the compañíone. Between the agencies, LNK MA remains bought in 127.398 qualifications, continued by JPM MA with a whole of 64.291 qualifications without doing sales, while on the negative part, IBS BA gets rid of 75.618 qualifications and BTO MA remains sold in 199.698 qualifications. Finally, Vueling bounces 6,7 % up to 22,35 euros with a whole of 426.299 qualifications negotiated on the market. The airline of low cost has turned out to be favored by the good results presented by Ryanair, which has increased his benefit after tax in 20 % up to 138,9 million euros, it is lacking to see as Vueling one behaves the hour of presenting his results. Between the agencies, JPM MA remains bought in 16.826 qualifications, continued by MVR MA with a whole of 12.347 qualifications, while in the selling part, BYM MA gets rid of 14.050 qualifications and MLC MA gets rid of 28.554 qualifications....
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Two new ETF on the Spanish market
Post on 27-07-2007.
The interested investors in buying actions of several Latin-American companies without risk for the change of currency and that want to have the serviceability of buying and selling already during the schedule of the Spanish bag it can do from today thank you one two new quoted funds thrown to the market. It is a question of Action Ftse Latibex Top ETF and Action FTSE Latibex Brazil ETF, two products managed by BBVA and that they allow to invest from something more about 40 euros in case of the first one and of 100 euros in case of the second one....
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Nobody escapes already (almost)
Post on 22-07-2007.
Before the absence of macroeconomic indicators, only one moderation fact in the housing, some weak managerial results in the USA and the assertion of which both the euro and the oil continue in maxima, has served so that the investors have undone positions. Most harmed they have been construction and banks, although in the free fall registered yesterday nobody was saved almost: the Ibex-35 was located in the 14.933, after losing a 1,82 %. The rest of European markets also succumbed one the losses, encouraged in the bad beginning of Wall Street....
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Sol Meliá finishes the day with an increase of 0,41 %
Post on 17-07-2007.
Sol Meliá has finished the day with an increase of 0,41 % and each of his actions buys to itself one 17,21 euros, Iberia has raised a 1,62 % and each of his actions sells for 3,77 euros, for his part NH Hotels has lowered 0,49 % and each of his actions has a value for 16,41 euros....
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Ibex 35-> Actions ibex 35

The Ibex 35 is a principal index of the Spanish bags and it is formed by 35 values that are the qualifications of major stock-exchange capitalization of the continuous market. It concentrates more of the fourth three parts of the habitual business on the Spanish Stock Exchange. It is checked every six months and is an exaggerated index and it serves as it indexes to know the evolution of the Stock Exchange and of the markets of options and future that operate on this index.

The Ibex 35 is prepared by Stock Exchanges and Spanish Markets BME.

The companies with major stock-exchange capitalization, have major weight inside the index and his rises and falls influence major measurement in the final movement of the Ibex.

To include a value in the Ibex 35 there is used the criterion of liquidity, dealt with terms of volume of hiring, so much with Euros as with orders.

His pursuit provides to us a global vision of the evolution of the Spanish Stock Exchange in a certain period of time, also, the Ibex 35, serves of underlying for the future on the Ibex 35.

The group of companies quoted in the Ibex 35 is checked every half year with the target that this index is always formed by the most liquid qualifications of the Stock Exchange.

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Quotations of the principal actions that they quote in the Spanish bag. Ibex 35. Graphs End of Day. Ibex 35. M.Continuo. You give birth. Dax Xetra. Trading. System. Actions. Indexes. You discern. lang=es

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